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applewatchThe Apple Watch is a fun little trinket that will impress your friends and make members of the opposite gender swoon. It also starts at $349 and requires that you have an iPhone 5 or later on your person if you wants its features to work. So is the Apple Watch a cutting edge device worth investing in? Or is it a piece of new technology that you'd do better to avoid?

For most, I'd wager that the difference between "overpriced" and "absolute necessity" will lie in the product's functionality, so I wanted to keep my review focused on my favorite features of the Apple Watch.

The Digital Crown

If you've used a smart watch before, you probably struggled with navigation and having enough input options to really take advantage of features. That's where the "digital crown" design feature comes into play. This is the knob on the right of the Apple Watch that lets you zoom in, return to the previous menu, and otherwise navigate with ease.
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