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My Feature-Focused Review Of The Apple Watch

applewatchThe Apple Watch is a fun little trinket that will impress your friends and make members of the opposite gender swoon. It also starts at $349 and requires that you have an iPhone 5 or later on your person if you wants its features to work. So is the Apple Watch a cutting edge device worth investing in? Or is it a piece of new technology that you'd do better to avoid?

For most, I'd wager that the difference between "overpriced" and "absolute necessity" will lie in the product's functionality, so I wanted to keep my review focused on my favorite features of the Apple Watch.

The Digital Crown

If you've used a smart watch before, you probably struggled with navigation and having enough input options to really take advantage of features. That's where the "digital crown" design feature comes into play. This is the knob on the right of the Apple Watch that lets you zoom in, return to the previous menu, and otherwise navigate with ease.

Fitness Features

There's no shortage of fitness features on the Apple Watch, and the health-conscious among you will truly appreciate what this device provides. The Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor and an activity app that tracks your movement. That app is an impressive thing: You can set personal objectives, get alerts when you've been stationary for too long, and even get awards for reaching your fitness goals.

Interactive Notifications

Your Apple Watch screen won't light up until you raise your wrist, and once it's up, you'll be able to easily scan through your notifications. Many of these notifications allow you to access further information by tapping the screen, while other apps allow you to easily respond with a number of predefined actions.

Digital Touch Communication

Sure, you can text friends or answer phone calls from your Apple Watch, but that's just the start of what this device can do. Draw and send doodles, use your device as a walkie-talkie, or even send your significant other your pulse in the form of watch vibrations.

These are just a few of my favorite features on the Apple Watch, and there are plenty more to be found for those who buy one of their own. It may not be for everyone, but I've certainly enjoyed my time with the Apple's newest piece of tech.